American Maid Traditional Polyester Bed Pillows; soft, medium, firm & x-firm

Nestle in for a great night’s sleep with one of our garneted premium polyester filled pillows, which is encased in our 50/50 white poly/cotton cover. This comfortable pillow is ideal for stomach, back and side sleepers, depending on the density you choose. Pillows  are hypo-allergenic, economical and washable.

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Product Description

*Polyester filled pillows, garneted for maximum performance *Enclosed in our 50/50 white poly/cotton cover *Available in four densities so every side, stomach and back sleeper can find the perfect pillow *Offered in six sizes *Handmade in St. Louis, Missouri with the finest materials and attention to detail *Pillow is non-allergenic and washable


Measurements Fill Weight
Standard (soft) 20″ x 26” 10 oz
Standard (Medium) 20″ x 26” 20 oz
Standard (Firm) 20″ x 26” 22 oz
Standard (X-Firm) 20″ x 26” 24 oz
Queen (soft) 20″ x 30” 23 oz
Queen (Medium) 20″ x 30” 25 oz
Queen (Firm) 20″ x 30” 27 oz
Queen (X-Firm) 20″ x 30” 29 oz
King (soft) 20″ x 36” 28 oz
King (Medium) 20″ x 36” 30 oz
King (Firm) 20″ x 36” 32 oz
King (X-Firm) 20″ x 36” 34 oz
Euro (soft) 26″ x 26” 28 oz
Euro (Medium) 26″ x 26” 30 oz
Euro (Firm) 26″ x 26” 32 oz
Euro (X-Firm) 26″ x 26” 34 oz
Body (soft) 20″ x 54” 44 oz
Body (Medium) 20″ x 54” 48 oz
Body (Firm) 20″ x 54” 52 oz

Stomach Sleepers: for stomach sleepers, a soft pillow is best. This allows your head to sink into the pillow at the right height with minimal support.

Back Sleepers: typically prefer a medium support pillow that holds your head up off the mattress, but still provides some softness so as to prevent neck stiffness.

Side Sleepers: usually prefer a firm pillow that supports the head at the appropriate height.

Star Bedding guarantees the workmanship of our pillows for 1 year from the time of purchase. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the workmanship please return it (at customer’s expense) with proof of purchase and the law tag still factory attached to pillow and we will ship a replacement free of charge.